Sugar DCE – People are Getting It…

Before any release I’ve been part of for SugarCRM, I’ve wondered if people will get the message. I mean, I am a fast talking, ridiculous analogy-making east coaster…so, a lot of what I say can be lost in translation.

But the media and analysts I’ve been talking to this week around the DCE beta release have responded with interest and really seem to “get it” when it comes to what we’re doing to SaaS.

I especially liked Sean Michael Kerner’s take on DCE for – and not just because he repeated my notion of DCE as “SaaS in a box.”

Erika Morphy also relayed the message well…

I seriously cannot wait until our beta partners and large enterprises are up and running full speed ahead with DCE. It really is some cool stuff. I am looking forward to see the kinds of cost savings that companies see with DCE, and see how creative the partners can gt verticalizing SaaS versions of SugarCRM editions.

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