SaaS’ Continuing Evolution

I’ve come across some additional commentary on our recent release of Data Center Edition (DCE) that I thought highlighted some great points about SaaS’ continuing evolution.

As Timothy Hickernell, a senior analyst with Info-Tech Research Group has noted, in addition to giving our partners the ability to serve as a solutions provider, DCE will allow our enterprise customers to take hold of the software in order to explore vertical SaaS customizations on their own. It heralds back to a day nearly a decade ago when verticaliztion was all the rage in the CRM industry.

That verticalization is representative of flexibility, which businesses are demanding more and more these days from their software infrastructure and applications. That said, companies are mixing and matching CRM solutions, whether on-demand, on-premise, or hosted, and seeking to select from multiple solution providers, rather than being stuck with a complex suite solution.

That’s what SugarCRM is going for with DCE, and with the embracement of the open source model in general.