Enterprise 2.0: A Bewildering Technology

Despite steady growth, a new study by AIIM on Enterprise 2.0 technologies concludes that businesses are struggling to understand its benefits, and thus, how best to leverage it as part of a cohesive business strategy/technology.

With nearly three out of four respondents stating they have only “vague familiarity” with 2.0 technology, it’s clear that this technology is in the early-adopter phase. CRM vendors are taking Enterprise 2.0 efforts more seriously, and it’s certainly a trend we see playing out within the vendor market and among customers here at Sugar, but although vendors realize its potential, end-users aren’t clearly seeing the benefits. But the uptake for both vendors and customers alike is limitless; the study indicated that nearly half of respondents stated they will integrate Web 2.0 technologies with CRM systems in the coming year, and seeing the way in which future generations will look to conduct business, that’s a good thing.

In retrospect, the acceptance of Enterprise 2.0 is similar to open source’s acceptance in the business application market years ago, or even CRM’s acceptance as a valuable, mission-critical application over 20 years ago. I have no doubt that Enterprise 2.0 will become a stable of businesses’ IT departments and strategies in the coming years, but just like previous software solutions and deployment models, the key lies with the vendors and their ability to make the solutions and infrastructures surrounding these technologies easy to digest and leverage as a solution. Only then will big business begin to build strategies and recognize the true ROI of this emerging technology.