Posted in June 2008

SaaS Hype and a (Slight) Reality Check

I have been doing my usual Monday-morning combings of the blogosphere and I found this interesting article by Bill Snyder on SAP and its being so late to the game in SaaS and PaaS. (I am hesitant to use the world paltform as it is, now they have to go creat this platform-as-a-service acronym to … Continue reading

Open Source: The Key to SaaS Success

I came across this article on entitled “Kill the Data Center,” which as the title suggests, is about the pros and cons of hosting software. The author provides an excellent Q&A with Doug Harr, the CIO of open source database vendor Ingres. All-in-all, the interview has some great tidbits of info about the decision-making … Continue reading

Healthcare Diagnosis: Open Source

Matt Asay commented today on Harvard Medical School’s CIO Dr. John Halamka’s recent remarks on the positive impact open source could have on the healthcare industry. His comments speak to the vision that open source could revolutionize one of the largest and most difficult sectors to conduct business with in the U.S. economy: healthcare. As … Continue reading

The “Customer Module” – A Fast Track to CRM 2.0?

At our last CRM Acceleration event in Boston, CRM analyst and friend of mine Denis Pombriant made some interesting points about adding a “customer module” to traditional CRM systems. This is much different than your existing “Accounts” module – and does more to gather more free flowing data rather than exact transaction details. There’s a … Continue reading

McKinsey: The Next Step of Open Innovation

McKinsey & Company released a great article as part of their McKinsey Quarterly that drives home a point I made just a few days ago. While too long to go into detail here, the article, which cites SugarCRM, says that innovation and product development/feedback has been a predominately proprietary-based activity and that some businesses are … Continue reading

The Power of Open Integration in Action

I was looking through my Google blog alerts and in my morning SugarCRM round up I found a very cool blog piece about an integration ebtween OpenBravo’s ERP suite, Pentaho’s BI offering, and SugarCRM. There is also a pretty cool flash demo of the integration embedded in the post… Think about this, for a very … Continue reading

Gas Isn’t the Only Thing Increasing in Price…

I read over the weekend that Oracle, paying scant attention to the tough economic climate, has jacked up its product prices by upwards of 20 percent. BEA customers really took it on the chin, with price increases nudging 50 percent….ouch! While understand these increases get offset by discounting, that discounting makes it all the more … Continue reading