How Many New Customers Have YOU Landed Through Facebook?

I like IBM’s commercials, for the most part, because I know a lot of us have been in similar situations…like the “Buzzword Bingo” ad, as well as the other ads where the zietgeist of working in a technology-powered corporate world is captured well.

This ad, which i saw this weekend while watching a ball game (it always made me wonder why IBM ran ads during sporting events, but hey, might work, since this one stuck in my head) really hits the nail on the head.

Like I’ve said before…without a true business end to web 2.0 capabilities in the enterprise, what organizations are really doing is letting their employees surf and play on company time. And they are also opening up their firewalls to whatever that employee may wish to link to or import as they play with social web technology.

Yeah, this is all very new stuff, but like the ad suggests, there is a huge amount of potential locked inside all of this stuff.

Many argue as to what the best platform or “housing” should be for this type of data or interactions. Some may claim a CRM system is more for truly customer-facing processes in the traditional “database-centric” sense. But I disagree. Just as CRM has grown to include partner management and other types of interaction-based automation – this type of social networking platform should live inside a CRM system. This is because it will be used to attract customers, partners, employees, etc.

But, truth be told, not all CRM offerings are flexible enough to handle this type of nascent technology (and business philosophy) – and I think it does bode well for the more modern CRM solutions built on flexible enough architectures to easily assume these new types of tasks.