…the Essence of Bloat.

We live in a strange world. One where we can buy one of Bill Cosby’s hideous sweaters for charity with the click of a mouse.

But that is not my primary annoyance today. I just came across a blog that posits that should be considered in the same size range as General Motors (yes, the car company).


The argument is that a company like GM, with $53 BILLION in revenues its last completed quarter, versus’s $250m are to be considered market equals based on the fact that GM’s market cap is $9.8 billion and Salesforce has an $8.6 billion market cap.


So, you’re saying a company that is one of the world’s largest brands, and takes in more in one day that Salesforce did all last year is the same size based on a infamously inflated stock price? is THE definition of a bloated stock…and it amazes me that the bottom hasn’t fallen out yet.

But that’s fine. I like that keeps concepts like CRM at the forefront of industry discussion and its sales success (even if an unprofitable model) does help all CRM providers.

The GM association does make me think…John Roberts explains that SugarCRM is doing to older software providers what Japan did to Detroit in the 1970s…So, if people want to associate with an American car manufacturer…that is fine with me…