Apple – A Lesson in Product Marketing Wizardry?

Only Apple can make people who paid upwards of $600 for their first iPhone stoked about shelling out another $200 for the 3G iPhone.

In this economy, you have to marvel in Apple’s ability to make people consume.

But it does make me think about product marketing and the upgrade mentality. In the consumer world, so many people willingly throw out technology to adopt net new devices, systems, etc. But in the enterprise, the “rip and replace” is never a good idea (in some scenarios) and many companies fear customizing CRM solutions due to fear of upgrade issues.

Bridging that gap is tough. I think that the platform work SugarCRM has done is one way of solving some of the problems.  But that is from a product angle. I think the open source angle, and SaaS, is helping more companies to dump home grown and other non-packaged CRM approaches to pick up next-generation capabilities. Think of it as dropping a Motorola StarTAC (remember those?) for an iPhone in the business applications sense.

…in completely unrelated product marketing news…whoever invented this is either a genius or should be committed: