BI Adoption: It’s All About the Usability

I came across a study recently released by AMI Partners that suggests business intelligence (BI) tools have a higher adoption rate among small businesses than their medium-sized counterparts.

The study raised some interesting points, namely that BI is being adopted among small businesses at a faster rate then their medium-sized counterparts, and that the software has higher adoption rates once it’s deployed.

So does that mean small businesses are more intelligent then their larger brethren? Not necessarily, but the fact that BI and analytic tools have a higher user adoption rate among the small guys raises an interesting point:

If the CRM industry has learned anything in recent years, it’s that simplicity and intuitive user interfaces has become a critical keystone of any CRM deployment. I suspect that a great number of larger businesses are still operating with older solutions from previous deployments, whereas smaller businesses, most of whom are on their first CRM deployments, have deployed what I like to call the 2nd generation of CRM systems, the post-Siebel solutions like ourselves and others that have focused on wielding flexible, intuitive, and simple Web-based solutions built for the Web 2.0 era.

The ability to leverage simple, point-and-click drill-down capabilities and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality is simply one of many advantages that newer CRM solutions now offer.