No Pressurization…No Problem

In today’s day and age, airline stories are simply too good to pass up, and my return flight from our SugarCRM Acceleration Boston event yesterday was a perfect example of that.

I arrived early at Logan International on Tuesday for my 6:30 PM flight. Upon arriving I instantly saw the flight was already pushed back to 7:30…big surprise. Content that I had extra time, I found a quiet section of the terminal, had something to eat and did some work.

When I arrived at Gate A8 for boarding at 7, the flight had now been pushed back to 8. I also noticed that there where less than a dozen other people waiting to board. The Continental service representative asked me for my name, which upon providing, notified me that I had been upgraded to first class due to the small number of people taking this flight…excellent!! With the exception of one other flight nearly 6 years ago, I never fly first class.

Yet no sooner than my frustrated feelings for the delay started to subside, we were notified that our aircraft was having mechanical difficulties and wouldn’t be able to pressurize. We were then offered the option of spending the night in Boston for rebooking tomorrow – which Continental certainly wouldn’t have paid for – or taking the flight to New York with the discomfort of sinus pressure.

Energized by the spirit of our barn-burning, open-cockpit forefathers who flew without pressurization at the beginning of the 20th century, I said screw it and decided to take the flight, at which point Continental changed its mind and decided to bring us another plane to fly to New York. Long story short, I flew to New York in first class sipping Chardonnay with pressure…4 hours late.

As Martin and I have stated in the pass, Continental is an overall good airline and my first choice to fly. It provides solid service, still doesn’t charge for baggage and food/drink, and gets me from point A to B safe and sound. And while I appreciated their hard work to compensate their passengers for the delay, I believe they might have gone overboard, and caused additional delays in the process. In travel, time is everything, and I would have happily exchanged the Chardonnay and extra leg room for a headache and a more timely arrival, either aboard this flight or another.

This could have been me…had Continental stuck with its orginial plans

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