10-Year Olds and Video Games: What CRM Can Learn About the Next Generation of Consumers

I came across this article on ecommercetimes.com. It underlines both the difficulties, and successes, that the video game industry is facing in terms of CRM. But 10-year old motives aside, the video game industry is always a personal favorite of mine because it represents a perfect example of what CRM, Web 2.0, and open source can do, and what the next generation of consumers will expect.

Take the original iteration of the video game Doom, a perfect example of CRM 2.0 and open source. Shortly after its release, the game was hacked by a group of 15-year olds. Rather than calling the cops, the CEO of Doom owner ID Software opened the source code to mod communities, users, online forums, and wikis, and provided authoring tools online for future releases. This collaboration lead to future versions that sold to the tune of 18,000,000 retail units and a 88 percent domination of the PC online market.

Community-driven product development and feedback such as this is a shining example of what the next generation of CRM solutions are brining to the game…pun intended.