Will Social CRM See the Same Problems as Traditional CRM?

I’ve said before, we at SugarCRM are taking a very serious look at everything web 2.0 (or whatever buzzword you like best) and examining ways in which injecting these features into our product line will make sense to the user.

But, I cannot stress enough, we will never just add “social media” or whatever it’s called today, into our product just to be cool. It is imperative that we have a very valuable and meaningful business end involved with ANYTHING we add to the core SugarCRM product.
That is why I was not surprised to read this article yesterday.

Sales people had a hard time as it was with the initial roll outs of CRM technology. So, without a fluid and sensible approach to adding social networking and other web 2.0 tools, more backlash can occur if not introduced as a tool that will help the end user, not just the manager or organization.

And while I disagree in some ways with the article, in that sales people only want more closed deals not social networks, it does make some sense. Users of a CRM system want the system to be easier and more fun to use, while also allowing the user to be productive. I think there are ways that web 2.0 technologies can achieve this, but strong controls, and clear messaging of the value needs to be communicated first.