The Power of Open Integration in Action

I was looking through my Google blog alerts and in my morning SugarCRM round up I found a very cool blog piece about an integration ebtween OpenBravo’s ERP suite, Pentaho’s BI offering, and SugarCRM.

There is also a pretty cool flash demo of the integration embedded in the post

Think about this, for a very low cost, you can have best-in-class CRM as well as a full suite of ERP applications, and deep business insight. The integration of these three systems is probably a fraction of what it would cost to – say, integrate the old Siebel CRM with SAP and Business Objects. And the license fees, well, obviously much lower.

As more and more vendors get hyped on social media, “cloud computing” and everything 2.0 – it is important to realize that there are serious benefits that the web as a platform, open source and SaaS are providing RIGHT NOW. The simple fact that major integrations can and are being performed without all of the PS work and other cost and hooplah is impressive and important to note. The enterprise IT stack is becoming easier and easier to manage, and it is becoming easier for IT managers to get more strategic in their approach to enterprise applications.

Sure, it isn’t cool social networking profiles embedded with Google widgets that allow me to discover which Cival War hero my friends most resemble…but I’ll settle for saving enterprises millions towards previously wasted IT spend any day.