Posted in June 2008

Will Social CRM See the Same Problems as Traditional CRM?

I’ve said before, we at SugarCRM are taking a very serious look at everything web 2.0 (or whatever buzzword you like best) and examining ways in which injecting these features into our product line will make sense to the user. But, I cannot stress enough, we will never just add “social media” or whatever it’s … Continue reading

GPL v3 – One Year later

The past year has been amazing for me – I made the move to the west coast, changed careers, and have had some of the most fun of my life being part of the team here at Sugar. This week also marks, thanks to Black Duck Software reminding me, that the GPL v3 is now … Continue reading

No Pressurization…No Problem

In today’s day and age, airline stories are simply too good to pass up, and my return flight from our SugarCRM Acceleration Boston event yesterday was a perfect example of that. I arrived early at Logan International on Tuesday for my 6:30 PM flight. Upon arriving I instantly saw the flight was already pushed back … Continue reading

SugarCRM Acceleration: Boston

At our CRM Acceleration event in Boston today, Denis Pombriant, founder of Beagle Research Group and a long-time CRM analyst whose opinions and data I’ve leveraged in years past, kicked things off with a great keynote presentation about the evolution that businesses have taken and the resulting fallout on customer experiences. Speaking to Darwin and … Continue reading

CRM can learn a lot from the Cellphone Wars

I just read an interesting fact that – Palm expects to sell 2 million units of its Centro smart phone device in 2008. That is nothing to sneeze at. And many people thought that the Palm would be dead in the water when a number of things happened: The Blackberry made Palm Pilots look like … Continue reading

BI Adoption: It’s All About the Usability

I came across a study recently released by AMI Partners that suggests business intelligence (BI) tools have a higher adoption rate among small businesses than their medium-sized counterparts. The study raised some interesting points, namely that BI is being adopted among small businesses at a faster rate then their medium-sized counterparts, and that the software … Continue reading

European Union: Use More Open Source

Yesterday, the EU called for more governments to favor open source over proprietary technology. European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes, the EU’s top antitrust official, had this to say: “No citizen or company should be forced or encouraged to choose a closed technology over an open one, through a government having made that choice first.” To … Continue reading

Apple – A Lesson in Product Marketing Wizardry?

Only Apple can make people who paid upwards of $600 for their first iPhone stoked about shelling out another $200 for the 3G iPhone. In this economy, you have to marvel in Apple’s ability to make people consume. But it does make me think about product marketing and the upgrade mentality. In the consumer world, … Continue reading