Posted in July 2008

Is the New AOL? (Part 1 of…?)

I was talking with our CEO John Roberts the other day and he brought up an interesting point/observation…that has a lot of similarities to AOL. I have thought about it, and I think John has something here… Both companies saw very rapid growth. Both companies were innovators when it came to the internet: AOL … Continue reading

Continuing the Open Telephony/CRM Revolution…

It amazes me when I think about how far we’ve come in regards to telephony and applications. When I first got involved in CRM and call centers, the infrastructure was bulky, expensive and controlled by a few multi-billion dollar giants. But VoIP and open source has changed that in a huge way. Now, we are … Continue reading

Not Everyone is Sold on SaaS…

If you read the trade journals and even the Wall Street Journal, you would think every single company in the universe was running their CRM system or some other part of their IT stack via a SaaS model. But as we in the real world of IT know, this is definitely not the case. But … Continue reading

Missing the Boat on SaaS Evolution…

I just read an interesting article on Internetnews about a recent panel at the AlwaysOn Conference at Stanford being held this week. The article asks if change is coming to the SaaS world – yet gives no definitive answers. I think the main problem was that many of the SaaS players involved are thinking too … Continue reading

Another Partner; Another Open Source SaaS Integration

This week, Snap Logic announced the SugarCRM Solution Pack, a back-end, open source integration tool that lets SugarCRM be integrated with other SaaS applications, on-premise solutions, Web sites, databases, etc. Customers could use the Solution Pack for both on-premise and on-demand SugarCRM solutions. Uses of the SugarCRM Solution Pack can include: – Integrating SugarCRM account … Continue reading

Someone Agrees with Me, Social Media is Great for B2B…

A lot of analysts talking about social media, or CRM 2.0 seem to be limiting the discussion to B2C scenarios: large consumer brands engaging in multi-channel and high volume conversations with their consumer base. Fine. But as I have said before, B2B is where social media can really be a huge winner. And 1:1 media … Continue reading

More Cool SugarCRM Integrations…

I blogged about a cool Sugar/Openbravo ERP integration a few weeks ago…and while it is impossible to list all of the cool integrations people out there are doing with SugarCRM, a few stand out to me. I just saw that DataSync has put together a very cool SugarCRM/Zimbra integration.  According to them: The first version … Continue reading

Commercial Open Source’s Viability

I took note of David Rosenberg’s blog from yesterday about a new IDC study about open source and it’s validity as a viable business model. The study, while perhaps a little late (at least in terms of SugarCRM’s existence for over four years), is all-in-all good stuff and underscored some important aspects of the commercial … Continue reading