Commercial Open Source: Understand the Basics

Bill Synder of CIO magazine had an article he recently wrote on open source CRM published today. In it, he highlights a point that my colleague spoke about yesterday: the lingering resistance that many C-level executives have towards allowing open source into the enterprise at the application level.

There’s still plenty of CIOs unsure of the licensing, publication, and ownership rights surrounding the open source model, and in their defense, rightfully so. In the past, the open source market has suffered from a lack of consolidation and standardization of these practices, but fortunately, things have changed.

As Evan Wroten of Interact Public Safety says in the article, the key lies with gaining a firm understanding of the licensing model the vendor operates under, and making sure you understand the value proposition and flexibility that comes along with owning the source code…because while open source might seem like a radical alternative to the proprietary model, it really isn’t. In reality, it’s actually more straight-forward and far easier to work with.