Shameless Self-Promotion Dept: Sugar Wireless

I have had my head in the Sugar Wireless 2.0 upgrades for the past week or so, doing some demos and other work around the enhanced capabilities. So, when I saw this primer for Mobile CRM at My I was glad to see that people are getting it more and more when it comes to extending applications into the mobile realm in their organizations.

This point rings the most true:

How quickly can the software be installed and fully functional? Can it be ready in hours, days, weeks or months? Does the mobile system need specialised consultants for implementation and ongoing support or does it utilise commonly available IT skills? What will the day to day administrative impact be on the supporting IT department? How easy is it to add users after first implementation? How easy is it to replace a lost device for an existing user? Be sure you know what you are buying before you make the commitment.

A lot of good questions there…and Sugar Wireless is built to answer these questions with resoundingly positive answers. The fact that our wireless capabilities are bundled and automatically set up when accessed by a mobile device makes implementation time a big fat zero hours…and the fact that most customizations are supported down the line into mobile access make additional IT expertise unnecessary. Cool.