Mobile CRM Doesn’t Have to be Rocket Science

I have been doing a lot of briefings with partners and media around SugarCRM’s upcoming release as it regards our updated wireless capabilities. And the resounding response has been something to the tune of – “Wait…so it just works automatically from my mobile device?!?!?!”

It’s as if people are all too accustomed to complexity, lengthy setups, etc. when it comes to bringing anything they use on their desktop to their mobile device. For mobile applications of any worth, it has been a thick client world for too long.

Sugar is changing that, in a very cool way. The wireless 2.0 (it is the second generation, not a buzzword thing) that will accompany the 5.1 release in a few weeks is really simple, yet really powerful. Just set up your SugarCRM instance, and when you access the URL on your device, it automatically recognizes you’re using a mobile browser and redirects to the mobile view. And you need not load a database or anything to your device – everything is done over the air. This means rollout to mobile users and updates are instant. No extra trainign, etc. needed.

And to coincide with the 3G iPhone, a lot of media outlets have taken notice of how sharp SugarCRM looks on iPhone and iPod Touch with wi-fi. Here’s just one review.

So I recommend anyone looking to extend Sugar into more mobile scenarios check out 5.1 beta…like you haven’t already 😉

sugar iphone