CRM Features: How Much is Too Much?

I’m knee deep in prep for our big semi-annual sales training, but I came across an interesting blog post that warrants discussion. It is a CTO saying that he feels most CRM tools have TOO MUCH funtionality as it is…making the now almost cliche’d analogy that hardly anyone uses MS Word’s features in total, and that Google docs has just the right amount.

I see his point in some ways. And it is always good to hear someone in the field say that is overdoing it a bit in all their feature builds. Heck, we’re about to go through a sales training, and user adoption is something we train our sales team to help improve in all of their accounts. And we agree that the simpler a CRM system is to use, the higher adoption will be.

Now, that does not mean CRM tools should have less features. We try to strike a balance, adding features that are most in-demand, and which have the most direct impact on business productivity.

But SugarCRM’s model is inherently different than any other CRM offering in this regard. After all, you can take the core elements of Sugar and build highly functional new features with Module Builder, without having to wait for the next SugarCRM release to add a new feature. It is a winning compromise, so to speak. I canb’t think of another CRM provider that enables users to create features with as little work as SugarCRM.

Add to this Sugar’s extreme flexibility in user interface layout controls and you can have it all:  super-simple and streamlined sales tool, with increasingly complex UI scenarios for more engaged and technical CRM users – all on the same platform, with minimal customization effort to achieve this environment. Pretty cool.

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