Businesses Could Learn A Thing or Two from Bausch and Lomb

I just read that Bausch and Lomb has named Alan Farnsworth as VP of customer service and CIO. Besides dumping a boatload of work on a single guy, here’s an example of a big business executing on the best practice of making sure IT is working in connection with customer-facing departments to ensure that a CRM solution is supporting the company’s business processes.

By doing so, Bausch & Lomb has linked IT and customer service and given one executive the power to link the two. Executive buy-in and support of CRM initiatives remains as critical as ever to ensure success and reinforces the continuing trend of placing business-minded leaders in charge IT as opposed to technical-minded geniuses.

Last but not least, making sure you purchase a flexible, scalable and customizable CRM solution to mold and fit your business processes remains just as important.