More Cool SugarCRM Integrations…

I blogged about a cool Sugar/Openbravo ERP integration a few weeks ago…and while it is impossible to list all of the cool integrations people out there are doing with SugarCRM, a few stand out to me.

I just saw that DataSync has put together a very cool SugarCRM/Zimbra integration.  According to them:

The first version of the Zimgar plugin for DataSync Suite includes a full featured email archiving system. “One-click-archive” is included in this release, which allows users to archive an email to a SugarCRM contact with a single click, a vast improvement over current archiving methods.

So, while SugarCRM already has a number of email integrations, and its own email client in the 5.x offering, this is important. This integration proves that more and more, alternatives to the Microsoft/Oracle/SAP etc. setup are more than viable options. Lock-in is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Our partner network is amazing, and grows more robust and far-reaching every day. These guys have been integral to bringing the value of Sugar to companies of all types and sizes on a global scale. Kudos.