Someone Agrees with Me, Social Media is Great for B2B…

A lot of analysts talking about social media, or CRM 2.0 seem to be limiting the discussion to B2C scenarios: large consumer brands engaging in multi-channel and high volume conversations with their consumer base.


But as I have said before, B2B is where social media can really be a huge winner. And 1:1 media agrees with me. The fact is, a lot of B2B operations are about selling to people that you know – not an unnamed anonymous mass. Therefore, using the web and analytical tools to ferret out introductions and existing relationships is much easier when you know who (or at least the company) you’re trying to reach.

The 1:1 blog seems to posit that webinars and blogs are where the most energy and dollars will be spent. And that is fine too, but I think even that is too “one directional” for what can be done today in a B2B scenario. Mining internal relationships with external lads and prospects is easy to do, and tracking that in a CRM system is a no-brainer as well. Also, integrations with LinkedIn or Facebook into account records and lead records in the CRM system allow people to gain an instant snapshot of a lead, making the sales engagement a little easier.

Again, we are still on the front end of what social media will bring to enterprise applications, but there is still a lot of cool ways to take advantage of this technology today…

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