Another Partner; Another Open Source SaaS Integration

This week, Snap Logic announced the SugarCRM Solution Pack, a back-end, open source integration tool that lets SugarCRM be integrated with other SaaS applications, on-premise solutions, Web sites, databases, etc. Customers could use the Solution Pack for both on-premise and on-demand SugarCRM solutions.

Uses of the SugarCRM Solution Pack can include:

– Integrating SugarCRM account records with in-house accounting systems and other enterprise applications

Migrating customer records from internal CRM systems to Sugar On-Demand

– Creating custom data feeds that enable authorized users to import SugarCRM data security into desktop applications, such as Excel

It’s another great tool that allows customers to integrate SugarCRM at the back-end without having to touch the code, yet still having the option to access the code if the situation calls for it…something our proprietary-based competitors could never offer. Finally, integration packs such as these underscores the importance that open source will play in the continued development of the next generation of SaaS applications.