Continuing the Open Telephony/CRM Revolution…

It amazes me when I think about how far we’ve come in regards to telephony and applications. When I first got involved in CRM and call centers, the infrastructure was bulky, expensive and controlled by a few multi-billion dollar giants.

But VoIP and open source has changed that in a huge way. Now, we are seeing so many great things happen in the call center area thanks to open telephony and open source CRM. Think about it – smaller businesses (and some larger businesses) were forced to outsource or severely limit their call center operations due to expensive hardware and high software and personnel costs. Now, a small business can run a fully integrated call center for a fraction of the costs previously needed to get operational. And this reduces outsourcing, bringing jobs back to our shores for call agents and other support positions. (Yes, open source is good for the economy in a lot of ways.)

The momentum keeps on coming…SugarCRM has just partnered with yet another telephony solutions provider Vertico to extend its reach into low cost areas. More info can be found at SugarExchange. This extends Sugar’s existing telephony integrations, including those with open source Asterisk-based solutions.

Who’d have thought that this would be all you need to get a basic call center operation up and running?


One thought on “Continuing the Open Telephony/CRM Revolution…

  1. I surely am equally amazed by the simplicity and ease that open source has brought to the adoption, customization and implementation of highly productive software solutions, which would not be consider as anything less than ‘very expensive’ till a few years prior, let alone CRM solutions.

    As we know, the sub-continent has been taking several slices of the call-centre cake; via en-route out-sourcing. This has mainly been due to, as mentioned by Mr.Schneider, the cost differential.

    Now, unfortunately, to burst the bubble, several call centers on the other side of the pacific have recognized the cost and performance efficiency of SugarCRM and VOIP integration.

    We at RolusTech, as CRM implementers and VOIP Telephone Exchange service providers, have been approached by the top management of some of the major call centers in our part of the world for the customization, integration and implementation of SugarCRM plus VOIP telephony for their call centre.

    Thus, further feeding my amusement and appreciation of the advancements in ‘comfortable’ software; where comfortable would be synonymous with open source.

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