An Interesting Look at how IT sees SaaS…

Ok, this is an all out, bold faced plug for how great SugarCRM is as a CRM application…I was looking at the Linux forums and saw a post from someone looking for a new CRM system…They had 4 main requirements for the system:

1. Must allow import from Goldmine (I believe XML)
2. Must allow “linking” with MS Office applications similar to Goldmine.
3. Allow for report generation
4. HTML based so no client application is required on each host.

Check…check…check, and check…yeah, Sugar would be a great option for these guys.

But what really made me think when reading this post was this sentence:

It seems SugarCRM – Commercial Open Source CRM is a pretty nice choice, especially if management will approve the hosted solution so we (the technical staff) aren’t saddled with another application to support.

See, the IT guy here is actually looking for a hosted solution, and management may be the ones not allowing it. Weird. We are always told that hosted solutions are for non-tech types and SaaS fails to penetrate when IT is making the decision. Or…at least that’s what some companies tell us is the case.

Really, IT wants less complexity and burden, just as line of business managers want easy to use CRM tools. Sugar is pretty great because IT doesn’t have a lot to worry about in terms of running the app, but they also get great customization tools like Studio and Module Builder. The best of both worlds for IT guys – an easy to use CRM that the employees use, and enough tools to customize and actually use the system to help differentiate the businesses. All in a sweet SaaS offering.

One thought on “An Interesting Look at how IT sees SaaS…

  1. Building upon what Martin Schneider has stated; I would proclaim that SugarCRM is the only CRM system that is appreciated along the same levels by both; the IT personnel and the Management department.

    I base my claim on the fact that my company; RolusTech is a partnership between a professional software engineer and myself; a professional management consultant and the only reason why we managed to ‘bring our forces together’, so to say, was because I felt equally comfortable, if not more, in using, marketing and selling SugarCRM as did my partner.

    I find it rather overwhelming when one of our Team Leads from the Sugar department comes into my office with an apparently ‘technical’ query and I am able to trouble shoot it quite near the bull’s-eye.

    Agreeing with Mr.Schneider; the Studio and Module builder does really provide plenty of room for the management guru’s to add in their part of the spices to the recipe.

    Hence, I believe that one of the major reasons for SugarCRM’s popularity as a commercial open source CRM solution is the fact that the ‘users’ or ‘managers’ feel much more in control of the software due to their ability to contribute in the customization and implementation process.

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