Checking in From LinuxWorld…

Wow, how this conference has changed…

It is a busy time for us here at LinuxWorld – a good amount of traffic and a strong interest in SugarCRM from all types of attendees. I like that there are more buyers here than I expected to see – maybe there is something to the “open source will do well in a down economy” theory…

Some pretty cools stuff here. I really like Rackable’s concept of highly scalable and portable data centers – it’s like an EDS on wheels. The way they control the temperature of the system is pretty cool (pun intended?) as well. I like that people are not only thinking more virtual (in many practical as well as theoretical ways) but also more green.  Nice.

A lot of “cloud” talk, with reporters, and even visitors. What is this term finally going to mean?

Ultimately,  pretty decent showing here, more later – off to go talk shop some more…

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