IPhone App Store Proves – “No Software” Makes No Sense

Some very interesting numbers released around the iPhone App Stores first month of operation.

60 Million Downloads.


Apple amazes me for so many reasons. The sheer volume of demand they are able to generate is mind boggling, and they get things done. I can think of another “App Store” that was announced years ago and is still not even really off the ground.

But what is more interesting is that the 60 million downloads and $30m in revenues for CLIENT-BASED software bucks against everything we have been hearing in the tech media.

While it is “cloud” this and “As-a-service” that – here is a company selling, with a great sales mechanism and partner ecosystem – software. Yes, software.

The cloud proponents and SaaS pundits will have you believe software is a bad thing. But really, it all comes down to control. When you have control over your applications (be they on your server, in a SaaS delivery model, or on your cool new phone), access and flexibility, everybody wins.

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