Untapped Opportunity…

I am always amazed how how much untapped market for CRM is out there. As an analyst I think I got jaded and saw everything as “already done” or saw trends as “so last year” without remembering that what I saw in my rearview were still coming head on to small businesses.

At the dCRM show, I talked to a lot of great people and prospects.  Some “knew” about SugarCRM, some had no idea. One gentleman even was running Sugar Community Edition, but told me he was unhappy with the lack of reporting and team security/role management tools. So, I simply gave him a demo of Professional Edition and I saw lightbulbs going off.

“How come I didn’t know about this!??!” He asked me.

My only response was – “Because I haven’t done a good enough job making everyone in the Sugar universe aware of their options.” He honestly thought Pro Edition was just a supported Community Edition.

What I learned is that we have a lot of untapped opportunity, even within our existing user base. Shows like dCRM remind me that the future of CRM is still very bright.

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