Cross Marketing (the Blogger Way) and SugarCRM Integration

I was checking out the very informative Sugar Developer Blog and saw an interesting post from one of our own, Brian Kilgore. Brian is a bright guy and just posted about using Talend to integrate CRM data more effectively.

Talend is a cool company, and I’ve become close with many of their executives as they sponsor our CRM Acceleration events. But the simplicity with which Brian was able to create a very cool integration scenario is mind boggling. I not so fondly remember the types of integration models and schema that companies would pitch me as an analyst. It was never this easy.

We have a lot of cool data import tools coming in 5.1 – being released this week. But as with all things SugarCRM, there has to be choice and flexibility at all levels. It is good to see that there are lots of ways to import, integrate and manage CRM data in our ecosystem.