Why CRM is More Important Than Ever…

I am really getting into the InsideCRM site.  A lot of good reporting and best practices CRM insights.

Today I came across a good “Top 5” list regarding the recession and CRM. The full list is here. But I think the best bullet is:

Even minor mistakes can make a difference in an economic downturn. If you promise to contact a customer on Tuesday and don’t get back to him or her until Thursday, you not only haven’t met the customer’s expectations, but you have subtly implied how much you value that customer. Enough incidents like that, trivial though they may seem, and the customer is likely to be receptive to a competitor even if he or she can’t beat you on price.

And while that advice is really, really important in an uncertain economy, this advice is evergreen. And it is not just for new customers. Without a CRM system, agents can not keep track of existing customers and the lifecycle of interactions. Renewals, upsells, etc. become more difficult, if not impossible. And for B2C scenarios, not customer trending can be deadly in this environment…

When I talk to media and analysts in the daily proceedings of my job, they seem to hit a lot on the open source angle of SugarCRM regarding just how “recession-proof” we are. I’d like to think that we are just a company that offers the kind of software and services that companies need every day – whether the economy is in great shape or not.

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