Wireless Electricity and the Fallout on CRM

Last week Intel announced and demonstrated a new technology that’s capable of recharging batteries wirelessly. The good news is the technology, called resonant induction and which leverages magnetic fields to send electricity to an ultimate range of 15 feet, is safe, according to Intel. The human body isn’t affected by magnetic fields, which means you don’t need to be wearing SPF 60 sunblock if you walk through one.

But imagine the implications that the commercialization of such technology could have on the products and services that businesses offer their customers? Wireless Internet access has become standard at hotels, Starbucks, etc. What could things be like 20 years from now once technology such as this is commercialized?

What’s more annoying then being unable to use your laptop on a plane for more than an hour or two because the battery dies, or for that matter, being forced to lug your cell phone charger or power cord around on business trips? How would utility companies respond? Would homes eventually have just a single outlet/transmitter in each room to power all electric devices? We’ve all seen the fallout that the wireless Internet revolution has had on the way consumers interact with businesses, and as a result, what customers expect of businesses. The expectations associated with wireless electricity could be endless.