Best Article Title Ever – Or – Some Great Thoughts on the Socialprise

I was clicking around over at Businessweek Online and found an article titled “Social Media Exposes the Corporate Psychopath” and thought, I have got to read this…

Turns out, it is actually a great article summing up the kinds of points my friends like Paul Greenberg have been saying for some time – Customers Don’t like Corporations. But, with a little help and trust in your product and the integrity of consumers – you can change that – a little.

I think the article makes a great point about credibility, but doesn’t quite “get it” in its last bit of advice. Yes, dialog is good, but the corporation can not be the only entity benefiting from the exchange. SugarCRM was a company born out of dialog, community, exchange of ideas, etc. However, the founders of this company intelligently realize that both the company and the community need to benefit for this experiment to work and flourish. (I recommend anyone to have a talk with co-founder Clint Oram about this, as he has a lot of great ideas about the symbiotic nature of open source communities.)

Below: An American Corporate Psycho About to “Hack” Into His Facebook Account

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