Sugar 5.1: Cool New Wireless Capabilities and More

Today we announced Sugar 5.1, which comes with a load of new reporting and wireless capabilities, including support for the latest versions of the Apple iPhone. As always, our community has already leveraged 5.1, the beta version has been downloaded more than 10,000 times and used by more than 25,000 users. You can check out the press release here.

Perhaps the best part of 5.1 are the mobile capabilities, particularly the added support for the iPhone. Customers only need to access the Sugar URL on their device and Sugar 5.1 automatically recognizes the user has a mobile browser and redirects to the mobile view. It’s just that simple.

This bucks a trend traditionally seen among mobile CRM deployments, where core functionality is deployed in baby steps, “dumbing” down the product for use on a mobile device. In addition, 5.1 adds matrix reporting, run-time filters so customers can edit existing reports, and integration with Microsoft Excel. For admins, we’ve improved data import enhancements to make it easier for companies to transfer from their existing CRM solutions to Sugar and Module Builder improvements that support new relationships, templates, and dashlets.

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