Could Tracker be the “Sleeper” Feature in Sugar 5.1?

When I was talking with press and analysts during the Sugar 5.1 release cycle, the big things were the reporting and wireless. These are “big ticket” items, as it were, and deserve a good amount of attention.

But while I tried to stress its importance, I think some people simply skipped over the very cool feature we have called Tracker. It is not brand new, since we have had some sort of tracking functionality in the product for some time. Tracker 2.0, however, brings a new level of coolness.

Tracker allows admins to better analyze CRM use traffic, allows line of business managers to better understand how their teams use the system, and in general is a tool to help drive CRM adoption. And isn’t that the real goal here? I have seen companies improve their business when they had high adoption of clunky and non-intuitive CRM tools. Imagine being able to more easily drive adoption of a cool CRM system?

People are catching on. Shane Schick of Computerworld Canada makes a great case for Tracker in this article. I think that as more CRM managers see the power that Tracker gives them to understand how their users are working in the system, tracker will soon become one of the more celebrated features in the SugarCRM solution…

Studies Show that SugarCRM’s Tracker feature is approximately 325% cooler than the 1990 GEO Tracker.