Posted in August 2008

destinationCRM: Mobility and Web 2.0

While attending the destinationCRM show this week, I was able to find some spare time and sit in on a few of the sessions. In addition to speaking with attendees and guest speakers, it seemed two of the biggest overarching themes that emerged was mobile CRM and the influence of Web 2.0. In mobility, the … Continue reading

Untapped Opportunity…

I am always amazed how how much untapped market for CRM is out there. As an analyst I think I got jaded and saw everything as “already done” or saw trends as “so last year” without remembering that what I saw in my rearview were still coming head on to small businesses. At the dCRM … Continue reading

Big Week in the Big Apple

I’m back in what feels like my hometown for the week, as there’s a lot of Sugar happenings here in the city this week. The big dCRM show is going on, and Colin and I will be blogging from the event. Some cool CRM awards that CRM Magazine (and the guys putting on the dCRM … Continue reading

What Defines Cloud Computing?

I’ve read a number of articles lately and spoken with some industry pundits, all of whom have varying definitions of what does or doesn’t qualify as cloud computing. I often hear cloud computing getting thrown into the same bucket as grid computing, and while many cloud computing environments leverage grids, cloud computing is the next … Continue reading

T-Mobile Decides to Open Up

I read that T-Mobile will reportedly open its application platform to software developers creating applications for its entire range of mobile phones. While obviously a reaction to Apple, which has encouraged software developers to create application for its phones via the App Store, I found the move another step towards open source within an industry … Continue reading

Paying for Open Source Support: A Detriment or Advantage?

I came across a blog this morning weighing paying somebody, either a vendor or independent software consultant, to customize an open source application or leveraging the developer community. The author initially seems to take a pro-community stance, stating: “My personal experience, after seven years of involvement with LAMP type production server environments, is that the … Continue reading