Posted in September 2008

No Silver Lining in this Version of the Cloud

Dan Lyons has been keeping up the great tech debates even though he is no longer Fake Steve Jobs. He had an interesting post today on his Real Dan Lyons blog that brings up some of the potentially negative sides of the (as we now know) fuzzy word of cloud computing. Lyons states that he … Continue reading

More and More – The Value of the Community Becomes Clear

I am seeing more and more proprietary vendors take on aspects of open source providers these days. I think it all started when SAP began its forums project, which quickly ramped up to a lot of members and contributors in those areas. has its “idead” area, which has allowed them to glean product ideas … Continue reading

My Mom on CRM…

If I hadn’t come along a shining example of just how important the user interface of a CRM system is when it comes to end-user adoption, then last night was it. I went over to my parent’s house to have dinner with my mother, who as a 30-year veteran of working as a secretary, insurance … Continue reading

Just When the Clouds Clear….the Fog Rolls In…

Last week, I thought we might see a bit of a lul in all the “Cloud” hype when Larry Ellison called a technology spade a spade, as it were. His comments hit to a lot of what many people have been thinking, but what few journalists or techn ology leaders have been forthright enough to … Continue reading

Redefining Customer Service Via Web 2.0

I saw on the news this morning that a women frustrated by a malfunctioning Dell computer said she found it nearly impossible to get the company’s customer service department to respond to her questions. The women’s frustrations got me thinking after a phone call today with a customer of SugarCRM that is currently in the … Continue reading

Android and CRM…Some Thoughts.

A lot of my more gadget-happy friends are more than excited about the G1 phone…they have been waiting, and waiting…and waiting some more for an actual consumer product based on Android. I think most of the hype or anticipation has been because for some, seeing Apple “fail” or get bested is something they want to … Continue reading

SaaS CRM Center of Excellence: IBM Gets It

I took note of this article on about IBM’s consulting arm opening a SaaS CRM Center of Excellence, assisting companies to understand how SaaS differs from traditional software-delivery models. Despite the overwhelming success of SaaS over the past few years, many companies are still missing the boat altogether on SaaS, failing to understand its … Continue reading

Ecommerce: Integrating Online With Offline

I came across new research today by Tealeaf detailing just how poor online customer service has gotten with retailers. Tealeaf’s annual Online Customer Experience survey found that 90 percent of consumer encounter difficulties with online transactions, prompting nearly half of consumers to ditch the transaction altogether. In an industry that now places so much emphasis … Continue reading