10 Open Source Vendors to Watch

I came across this article today on networkworld.com detailing 10 open source companies to keep an eye on. While Sugar wasn’t listed, taken in the context of the companies listed and due to our recent growth and success, I like to think we’re clearly not a “One to Watch” anymore, we’re a leader.

That said, the article caught my attention because it underlines the maturity that the open source application market has reached. Will all ten of these startups be around in 5 years, probably not. Some will get acquired, others might even go out of business, much like CRM vendors do. But the difference is that ten years ago you wouldn’t have seen such a diversified array of open source alternatives. Everything from analytics to data integration to security/firewall software was included in the list (imagine that, open source security software).

As our CEO pointed out two weeks ago during a conversation with the editors from CRM magazine, the open source market has reached maturity, and as result, there are now dozens of open source options to proprietary-based solutions, offering businesses sound alternatives to the lock-down model that has bedeviled the IT market for decades.

The list provides some great examples of that. Give it a look.

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