Oh, What a Difference 5 Years Makes…

I came across this pretty old Computerworld CRM quiz over the weekend…It is interesting on a lot of levels.

For one, it asks questions like:

Is a typical customer relationship worth a lot to you from a profit standpoint
(will it cost you a lot to lose one)?

I mean, come on, is there a company – large or small – that would admit to not caring about losing a customer? Whether five years ago or in today’s economy – no one feels that customer loss is no big deal (well, at least I’d hope so).

Second, it asks:

Can your customers interact with you across multiple channels?

OK…maybe five years ago this was a valid question. But could you imagine trying to do business in this day and age without a web site or some sort of e-commerce capability? I know there are some small businesses out there that are not “multi-channel” but I would put it this way – they are not multi-channel YET.

Finally, the fact the the quiz is subtitled “Should You Even CONSIDER CRM?” made me laugh. Yeah, maybe five years ago the kinds of costs and technical headaches that were associated with older CRM tools made it restrictive to some companies. But it is amazing, and a real sign that technology is changing, that a company like SugarCRM can emerge in less than five years and make all of these qualifying questions moot.

With a lower cost, fast to deploy CRM system. The only question that you need to ask when deciding whther or not you need a CRM system is:

Do you have customers?