On Oracle, Integration, and Modern Applications…

I was going to simply make this a comment on Colin’s last post, but I think it deserves its own space, lest it get lost beneath Colin’s fine prose.

I think that Oracle is doing the right thing by allowing their customers to integrate between the many versions of their vast CRM portfolio. After all, what good is a CRM system if sales, marketing and support collaboration are not possible? This is not a good or bad thing Oracle is doing, just a “must do.”

I think the fact that Oracle has to build these integrations – between its own product lines and delivery modes – says a lot about the company and portfolio. These are all older CRM systems that pre-date the modern and more flexible web applications of today.

SugarCRM does not have to build these kinds of integrations because – frankly – our users are not painting themselves into these kinds of application corners. A single, clear code tree means that all your users are on the same system, same data model, same delivery method, etc. Nice and easy – the way CRM should be, but hasn’t for most of its lifecycle.

And when it comes to integration in general, the more modern and open source applications will always win in that regard. Clear cut and open APIs and standards-based development languages cut down the barriers to entry and maintenance when it comes to integration by orders of magnitude.

SugarCRM is lucky in that a lot of these integration issues will always be non-issues thanks to a very well planned product design and roadmap.