For SMBs, You Can’t Beat SaaS Security

I have been doing a lot of training and marketing of SugarCRM’s On-Demand product with some of our UK partners over the past few months, most notably with BT as part of our well documented alliance.

One question that surprisingly continues to come up is the security question. For some reason, anti-SaaS pundits, or those new to the concept (yes, there are still a lot of SaaS newbies still out there) seem to feel there are major security holes in a SaaS product. I am not talking about a setup of five different SaaS applications tied together over a point-to-point integration framework – I mean to say these people are worried that SaaS has basic security flaws.

But for the smaller businesses, I argue, as most do, that SaaS actually INCREASES your level of overall application security. Face it, smaller firms do not have the kinds of resources to create impenetrable fortresses of solitude surrounding their application deployments. But since companies like SugarCRM and our On-Demand offering must meet the most stringent to the most lapse security-mined customers, small businesses reap the benefits.  This blog post notes that a recent study by Burton Group of CIOs even supports this notion, citing:

…a number of CIOs reported selecting On Demand solutions because they provided greater security and performance than they could achieve by installing and managing applications in house.

Hey, if someone else can do your work for you, why not let them, right?