And Now a Word on Our Partners…

Wow…what a busy week, as can be evidenced by my absence at Outsiders…the last few days here in London were spent with different SugarCRM partners of different levels…and they all had a lot of great insights into applications, where Sugar can see even more opportunity, etc.

From the big guys like BT, to the regional integrators, these are all super smart, insightful individuals that really get what Sugar represents in the CRM space – and to a greater extent the application/platform space…

More important – these guys fit in so well with the SugarCRM culture…they are fun, cool and get that we can have a good time changing the software world for the better. Special kudos to Tau Space, Optaros, Q Industries and Red Pill – a great bunch of minds in the extended Sugar family.

Tomorrow is the big CRM Acceleration London event, and I think this will be our biggest yet.  Very excited to see all the great prospects registered to attend, and give my presentation in (eeep!) a little under 8 hours!  I can’t sleep and have been emailing with partners…this exchange has been so useful.  Really glad to have connected with these guys.

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