Android and CRM…Some Thoughts.

A lot of my more gadget-happy friends are more than excited about the G1 phone…they have been waiting, and waiting…and waiting some more for an actual consumer product based on Android.

I think most of the hype or anticipation has been because for some, seeing Apple “fail” or get bested is something they want to see. But I see it as more about creating choice and driving innovation. And CRM is the same way…

So, look at his thing:


Versus this one:


Way different, but still functionally similar. I think CRM has seen a lot of the same types of hype and feature wars over the years. But what is important is that the market never gets 100% dominated by one provider for any length of time. Sure there will be clear cut leaders, but I think the innovation we’re seeing from open source and SaaS is equal to the type of disruption Android brings to a mobile market so obsessed with “beating the iPhone.”

At Sugar, we’re not about “beating” anyone but ourselves, in terms of contiunually innovating and bringing to market the best product we can. Do we like that we are competing very well against some well entrenched competitors?  Sure. But it is more important that SugarCRM’s users find themselves with the most modern, easy to use CRM tools we can provide…

3 thoughts on “Android and CRM…Some Thoughts.

  1. With the convenience and portability of the Java platform and the new demands of mobile business people, Android could easily be the next big step for CRM software.

  2. I have loaded my eclipse/android environment and started work on my CRM frontend. Not sure if I will hook it back to sugar or just come up with my own backend. I just wish the G1 would be launched already. To much outsourcing has delayed delivery. Present leaders are failing short to inspire delivery.

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