Redefining Customer Service Via Web 2.0

I saw on the news this morning that a women frustrated by a malfunctioning Dell computer said she found it nearly impossible to get the company’s customer service department to respond to her questions.

The women’s frustrations got me thinking after a phone call today with a customer of SugarCRM that is currently in the process of leveraging Sugar Enterprise within their call center…and leveraging Web 2.0 technologies to allow customers to more easily navigate the company’s call center and self-service Web page.

I always hear a lot about leveraging Web 2.0 technologies for collaborative purposes and information sharing, but what about starting by improving customer service, which can be relatively easy. Our customer is adopting Web 2.0 to increase customer feedback channels, differentiate customer service experiences, and increase first call resolution. One way they’re doing this is by leveraging Sugar’s open source architecture and Web 2.0 to build a system to connect self-service transactions on a Web portal to their contact center, with Sugar Enterprise “sitting” in the middle.

They’re also building instant messaging into their contact center to allow an agent who is unable to resolve a customer problem to reach an expert via IM and presence technology, and will also deploy tools like voice portals, email, and Web chat functionality to work alongside Web 2.0 technologies and unified communication applications, all integrated within Sugar.

The alternative is ignoring these increasing popular channels and damaging your company’s ability to better service its customers via experiences like the Dell customer had.