Just When the Clouds Clear….the Fog Rolls In…

Last week, I thought we might see a bit of a lul in all the “Cloud” hype when Larry Ellison called a technology spade a spade, as it were. His comments hit to a lot of what many people have been thinking, but what few journalists or techn ology leaders have been forthright enough to say.

But then I check my Google alerts, and lo and behold, I see even more noise on the Cloud front…and it may be getting worse. In addition to the continued talk around cloud computing, there is a new amorphous buzzword brewing along the horizon…Fog Computing!

Here is an excerpt and explanation from a recent eWeek article:

Now, this is actually pretty cool – in a world of less than limitless energy resources, I like the idea of using the Net as a sort of “power farm” to utilize unused processing power in a green manner. But, please, does the name of this have to continue the tortured cloud metaphor???