No Silver Lining in this Version of the Cloud

Dan Lyons has been keeping up the great tech debates even though he is no longer Fake Steve Jobs. He had an interesting post today on his Real Dan Lyons blog that brings up some of the potentially negative sides of the (as we now know) fuzzy word of cloud computing.

Lyons states that he agrees in some parts with Richard Stallman that the Cloud is inherently a lock-in strategy.

The comments on the post range widely, from supports of the cloud to more skeptical views. Many seem to view SaaS and cloud computing as a way to get over on ignorant IT buyers.

The answer, in my opinion, depends on how you deploy “cloud” products and of course which providers you choose. By utilizing various SaaS or cloud providers (as well as continuing to house some apps or parts of your IT stack in-house) – reliance on any one vendor is limited. Also, by searching for more open cloud platforms, where the possibility is there to take that development you’ve performed in the cloud OUT of the cloud and on to your own servers, you stand less of a lock-in risk.

It all comes down to trying to be as forward thinking in terms of the potential risks and availability of your IT components that may or may not be handled in the cloud.