Posted in October 2008

A Silver Lining for UC in the Economic Downturn

I came across a report by analyst firm T3i that details a drop off in unified communications (UC) technology spending thanks to the current state of the U.S. economy. In many ways, UC technology parallels the Web 2.0 market – it’s new, it’s hot, it’s flashy. Plenty of IT departments bought into this consumer-based technology … Continue reading

Ramping Up for a Great Event in Our Backyard

I am slowly coming back down to earth after an awesome finish to the Phillies World Series run last night. Ideally, I’d be on a plane heading to Philadelphia for the first Championship Parade down Broad Street since I was in third grade…but instead I’m making final preparations for what is looking like the biggest … Continue reading

Why Microsoft’s Azure Makes More Sense than Apex

I am taking a moment off from hating the weather gods and performing karma-cleansing rituals to promote good baseball chakras for the Phillies to chime in on Microsoft’s new announcement of Azure. With Azure, Microsoft officially throws its hat into the Cloud computing ring, or at least some version of whatever the cloud means. If … Continue reading

Upgrading at the Price of Customer Service

How does a company balance upgrading their existing product line/service offerings versus maintaining their current service levels? It’s a question that Verizon is asking itself right now. The company – which is in the midst of a costly, well-publicized push to bring high-speed Internet, video and other services to the home over a new, fiber-optic … Continue reading

SaaS Growth – Some Grey in this Silver Lining?

I just read a TMC article about a new Datamonitor report on the double-digit growth rates around SaaS CRM and other applications. I like that report was not one of those “SaaS is the only way to go in this economy!!!” type reports. It was a little more honest and balanced in my opinion. Rather … Continue reading

B2B and Web 2.0: A Perfect Fit

A came across this article detailing a new Forrester report about B2B businesses still hesitant to leverage social media and Web 2.0-related technologies for their CRM and marketing initiatives. Among the many reasons cited in the report for low adoption, Forrester found that many respondents feel that measurable value will not come immediately from leveraging … Continue reading

A World Without Open Source Vendors?

I found Dana Blankenhorn’s blog today on open source and the necessity of vendors an interesting take on the development model in general. In terms of open source as a development model, I think Blankenhorn is spot on. As she states: “My point is that while open source exists in the market, it also exists … Continue reading

My Takeaways from CRM Acceleration Munich

A day after our first official event in Munch – I am really pleased with the turnout, the level of interest and existing visibility of SugarCRM in Germany, and the way that Sugar’s culture fits so well in this region. The event itself went really well, starting with John Roberts’ keynote and followed by a … Continue reading

And the Survey Says…

I took note today of a new report by Forrester Research about EFM solutions and collecting customer feedback via surveying. In a nutshell, it outlines the rising tide of surveying tools with CRM solutions to create centralized repositories of customer satisfaction issues. In addition to Forrester, this was a hot topic at the Gartner CRM … Continue reading