CRM on the Business Talk Radio

While I was cruising around the destinationCRMblog this morning, I came across a post by my former colleague Marshall Lager about a recent radio/podcast segment he recorded for Brent Leary’s “Technology for Business’ Sake.” In addition with 1to1 Media’s Ginger Conlon and AMR Research’s Rob Bois, the segment was topical and outlined some of the hot topics influencing the CRM market and the resulting trends we’re seeing.

The first questions focused on the recession, and recession-proof business models, such as SaaS, which Rob Bois categorized as “not recession proof, but certainly recession durable…and which could become an even more appealing deployment model in a tighter economy.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, the first question then fielded from the show’s listeners was, “Would there be any impetus towards open source/hosted CRM and social software implementations to cut costs in 2009?”

To summarize Marshall’s, on-the-money response, whenever you have a downturn like the one we’re experiencing, there’s always some kind of impetus to save cash, to do some of the work yourself, and find better ways rather then shoveling money out the door at somebody else’s solution. Open source provides that opportunity, and when combined with SaaS, is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

That said, I don’t think SugarCRM’s recent success is simply attributed to a down economy. I can’t wait to see what we do once the economy bounces back. But don’t let me do the all the talking…Go Listen.