Entellium: Another History Lesson Waiting to Be Learned

I wanted to add a comment to the stellar ones that Martin made in his previous post about Entellium’s recent financial woes, and one that I see underlined by our customer base time and time again. News such as this underlines a predicament that CRM customers have been dealing with for decades now, and highlights the importance of offering businesses’ flexibility and freedom.

All too often, I’ve heard customers of SugarCRM comment on the security of knowing they control the source code. How many times have we witnessed another business application vendor going under, or another acquisition by Oracle leaving customers stuck with an unsupported, mission-critical application that limps on within the dungeons of some IT department without the vendor support to bear the code base?

Thanks to software development models such as open source, application transparency isn’t just about being able to customize and integrate, it’s about being able to insure your customers that they can support their IT investments, and thus businesses, long after we’ve gone bye-bye.