Breezing Through the Windy City…

While I was only in Chicago for a little over 24 hours, it was a blast. Mainly because the CRM Acceleration Chicago event was AWESOME. Seriously, last year we had a great turnout and a very vocal crowd, which I love. This yar topped the great interactions we had last year. A lot of great attendees, questions and conversations. Really, Chicago is my kind of town when it comes to getting commercial open source CRM.

I had some great conversations with some attendees, notably Holly Smith at U-Connect, which is a partner doin a lot of really cool Asterisk-based call center deployments in various industries and using SugarCRM as the CRM platform. Also, Sean breen at Q-Industries gave a great presentation and some great panel responses – his firm is a Sugar user/partner that has made some really cool projct management and content management integrations into their Sugar deployment.

Overall, the theme of this event really comes through as being: Sugar IS a great platform. From Sugar’s Steve Kazinet’s (or “Kaz” to most people) great on-the-fly custom module building, to the partners like InsideView displaying how users can easily extend the SUgar platform to include mounds of great external data – the event was chock full of great testimonies to sugarCRM’s platform vision. And that vision is not just a vision, it is fully in play right now for users to take advantage.

OK, now I have to go brush up o my German for CRM Acceleration Munich later this month…

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