The Enterprise 2.0 Concept Starting to Take Off?

We have seen a lot of press releases, keynote speeches and all around marketing noise around everything “2.0” for the past 2.0 years it seems. But…it looks like more and more businesses are starting to realize the value of concepts like user-generated content, social media, etc.

I just saw that Jigsaw, which is a web data aggregator for business uses, issued a survey to its customers. Most notable in the survey were these results businesses are seeing utilizing deeper sets of external data in their daily business routines:

Improved sales and marketing efficiencies — 88 percent of respondents with the sales function report 10-50 percent sales productivity improvement, with 12 percent reporting an even higher level of improvement in prospecting efficiency; 88 percent of marketers surveyed reported a 10-50 percent increase in marketing campaign results, with 15 percent seeing a 50-100 percent improvement in their email campaigns specifically.

What also impressed me is that in the release, Jigsaw noted a 50% increase in customer momentum. Great to see. In this kind of economy, it is easy to look at social media or any web 2.0 apps as “nice to haves” and not essential to a business startegy. But I would argue the opposite. In leaner times, companies need to dig deeper into data sets and find the jewels – those perfect customers that lower the time and cost of the traditional sales cycle.

I like that businesses are catching on to the value of these tools. I also like that CRM systems are being chosen as the right platform for these tools. Obviously, I have a vested interest here.

In the “full disclosure” mode, SugarCRM and Jigsaw have announced a partnership in the past year. But I do encourage Sugar users and prospects to check out the integration. A deeper, richer set of data can only help your sales people do their jobs more efficiently. That can’t be a bad thing, as it gives the user one more reason to adopt a CRM system – so everybody wins.