The US Contact Center – Poised for Growth in 2009?

Economic twists and turns have interesting ripple effects on the technology world. The good thing is, that sometimes bad economic events translate into net positives for the tech industry. And no, this is not going to be a diatribe about the value of open source in a recession. Well, not altogether.

I just read an interesting article that notes that many decision-makers in the U.S. are expecting to see growth in the number and size of call centers in the near future. While an informal poll, the bullishness is interesting to see.

But it makes sense for a variety of reasons. In slower economies customer service becomes a strength, as everyone will already be playing on price. And the article even noted that credit collection in outbound call centers will increase in this economy.

But I do see the development of SaaS, more open and VoIP-based tools making the case for stronger call center growth numbers than years past. What we are seeing is a change in the definition of what constitutes a call center. Software-based telephony systems drive out costs and maintenance issues, and allow call centers to exist without geographical boundaries. More and more, employees with non customer-service titles are manning the phones part-time to add their product or services knowledge to a consistent and satisfaction-focused customer service policy at many firms.

All of this means that for the more modern software providers – the future might be looking a lot better than one might think.

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